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Grand Military Piece by John Lewis Hoberecht (active 1785 – post-1819) edited by Nessa Glen for 4 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, and serpent (London, c.1799/1800) (SAR 0128)

Excerpts from accompanying notes and commentary
by Nessa Glenn:

“Hoberecht's Op. 1 set of three piano or harpsichord sonatas gives his name as Hoeberechts. However virtually all later works give his name as Hoberecht and several of the signed copies deposited with Stationers Hall also give the latter spelling . . . . He published 15 sets of (usually) 3 piano sonatas between about 1786 and 1805, five overtures for the piano between 1788 and 1790, five sets of variations for flute and piano in the early 1800s and a number of other works for piano, some with accompaniment for harp or cello and even the occasional song and glee. His compositions are generally in the gallant style, often showing correct but unlikely modulations.

The watermark date is 1799. The market for this work remains a mystery. The normal militia band of this period was usually pairs of oboes, clarinets, horns, bassoons, possibly with serpent and/or trumpet. There were, however, usually 4 clarinets in the Foot Guards bands and it may be that Hoberecht – or his publishers – believed that this would soon become the new standard ensemble. This configuration appears in France in this period but it is unlikely that Hoberecht believed that there would soon be an invasion of England and a new market for works including 4 clarinets. It is interesting to note Hoberecht's statement that the 3rd and 4th clarinets 'must not be Omitted'. This is borne out in the parts themselves.

The Grand Military Piece is, in fact, an arrangement by the composer of Sonata I a la Militaire for piano with violin accompaniment from his Op. 11 set of three sonatas. The original version is issued both with this piece for comparison and as a separate Sarastro Music work, plate number: SAR 0128p. This one of the rare cases from this period in England where we have both the original work and the composer's arrangement for Harmoniemusik . There appears to have been several music engravers for the parts, which probably accounts for the many inconsistencies . . . .”
by Nessa Glen

Grand Military Piece: Andante, Allegro assai, Marchia - Andante, Allegro assai, Rondo - Allegretto

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